BSSA Auction 30

BSSA Auction 30

The BSSA eagerly brings fanciers the ongoing BSSA Auction 30 for 2023. Currently, this auction showcases birds from Sue Adams, Chris Murphy, Tony Vandenbrink, and Michael Sloper. Moreover, the varieties available encompass Normal Greens, Lacewings, Normal Greys, Cinnamons, Opalines, Opaline Cinnamons, and others.

Presently, the avian specimens are up for purchase, offered by individuals affiliated with the Budgerigar Society of South Australia (BSSA). This group includes both members and non members. Furthermore, vendors provide descriptions of all avian offerings, and we believe these to be reliable. Consequently, BSSA Inc does not accept responsibility for any errors that may occur. Buyers must address any issues directly with the supplier.

Points to Note Regarding BSSA Auction 30

Also noteworthy, the system maintains bids anonymously, displaying only the bidder number. Hence, it is crucial for prospective buyers to consider the location of their desired bird since they are responsible for covering the freight costs. During the registration process, please provide your phone number. Doing so will streamline communication, especially if you emerge as the winning bidder. Operating as a non-profit, the BSSA allocates all funds generated to further the club and the hobby.

Who is the BSSA?

The Budgerigar Society of South Australia Incorporated (BSSA) is an active organization dedicated to studying and promoting budgies, or parakeets, within South Australia. Established on May 20th, 1948, the BSSA was not only the first budgerigar society in the region but is also a proud founding member of the Australian National Budgerigar Council (ANBC). Committed to the advancement of the hobby and support for its members, the BSSA continues to adopt contemporary and forward-thinking approaches in all its endeavors.

BSSA Auction 30

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