BSSA Auction 31

BSSA Auction 31

Currently, the BCSA website is showcasing BSSA Auction 31 for the year 2023. This notable auction prominently features an exquisite selection of birds from reputable SA breeders. To that end, vendors include Michael Sloper, Chris Murphy, George England, and Danny Brill. Moreover, the auction not only includes 11 budgies, but also offers a copy of Gerald Binks’ esteemed work, “The Challenge”. Many enthusiasts within the community argue that Binks’ work is akin to the indispensable bible for budgerigar aficionados.

Delving into Details About BSSA Auction 31

Transitioning to the specifics of BSSA auction 31, it is essential to note that the birds presented for sale are provided by both BSSA members and esteemed guests. Furthermore, the descriptions accompanying the birds are crafted with utmost good faith by the sellers. To that end, the BSSA are not accountable for any inadvertent inaccuracies in these descriptions. Potential buyers must proactively address any concerns regarding inaccuracies directly with the respective seller.

As an additional note for prospective bidders, all bids placed during the auction will be confidentially maintained. Only the bidder numbers will be displayed, effectively keeping the identity of the bidders anonymous. It’s crucial for bidders to be cognizant of the birds’ location. To that end, the responsibility of covering freight costs falls squarely on the purchaser. In an effort to streamline the communication process for successful bidders, registration of phone numbers is highly encouraged.

BSSA stands as a not-for-profit organization. It is noteworthy that all proceeds garnered from the auction will be funneled into promoting both the club and the cherished hobby of budgerigar keeping.

Insight into the BSSA

Shifting focus towards the organization itself, the Budgerigar Society of South Australia Incorporated (BSSA) proudly traces its foundation back to May 20th, 1948. As the pioneering budgerigar society in South Australia, it holds the distinguished status of being a foundation member of the Australian National Budgerigar Council (ANBC). BSSA is deeply committed to not only promoting the captivating hobby of budgerigar keeping but also serving its members in a contemporary and progressive manner.

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BSSA Auction 31