BSSA Auction 32

BSSA Auction 32 Overview

Currently, BSSA Auction 32, being hosted by the Budgerigar Society of South Australia (BSSA), is showcasing a collection of 11 budgies. These budgies, impressively, hail from the aviaries of Michael Sloper, Graham McCallum, George England, and Danny Brill. Within the auction, a delightful variety of breeds are up for grabs, such as White Caps, Spangle Double Factors, and Spangle AOSV. Moreover, attendees have the opportunity to bid on other varieties including Normal Blue, Normal Green, Lacewing, Normal Grey, and Cinnamon Wing.

Now available for purchase, these coveted birds are accessible to both BSSA members and guest participants. The descriptions for each bird are presently provided based on information relayed in good faith by the sellers. Hence, if there are any concerns or discrepancies noted in these descriptions, potential buyers are kindly advised to address these issues directly with the sellers. This is crucial as the BSSA does not assume responsibility for any inaccuracies presented.

Notes Regarding BSSA Auction 32

Bidder privacy is undeniably of utmost importance in this event; therefore, measures are in place to ensure bids remain anonymous, displaying only bidder numbers. Consequently, potential buyers should take into consideration the location of each bird, as they will be responsible for covering the associated freight costs. To facilitate a smooth communication process upon winning a bid, bidders are cordially requested to register their phone numbers.

Notably, the proceeds generated from Auction 32 will be strategically utilized for promotional activities supporting the BSSA club and the broader bird breeding and keeping hobby. This is noteworthy as the BSSA diligently operates as a not-for-profit organization.

About The BSSA

Established on May 20th, 1948, the Budgerigar Society of South Australia (BSSA) notably stands as the pioneering budgerigar society in South Australia. Additionally, it holds a foundation membership with the Australian National Budgerigar Council (ANBC). Committing to a dynamic and progressive approach, the BSSA is fervently active in promoting the delightful hobby of budgerigar keeping while extending robust support to its member base.

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BSSA Auction 32