BSSA Auction 34

BSSA Auction 34

Auction 34 from the BSSA is back, after a week’s break. It includes Budgies from Graham McCallum, Michael Sloper and Chris Murphy.

About The Auction

First and foremost, let’s delve into our auction proceedings for BSSA Auction 34. These birds, offered for sale, hail from both BSSA Members and Guests. To provide transparency, all bird descriptions are sourced in good faith from the seller. It’s essential to bear in mind that BSSA Inc assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies in these descriptions; any concerns of this nature should be directed to the seller. Additionally, please take note that bids will remain anonymous, with only your bidder number being revealed. Moreover, we kindly request that you consider the bird’s location, as the freight cost falls under the responsibility of the purchaser.

To facilitate efficient communication, we encourage you to register your phone number, as it will expedite the contact process in case you emerge as a successful bidder. Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that the BSSA operates as a not-for-profit organization, with all proceeds directed toward the promotion of the club and the hobby.

About Budgerigar Society of South Australia Inc

The Budgerigar Society of South Australia holds a rich history, dating back to its establishment on May 20th, 1948. As the pioneering budgerigar society in South Australia, it proudly stands as a foundation member of the Australian National Budgerigar Council (ANBC). Our mission revolves around serving as a club that actively promotes the hobby and its members, always embracing a modern and progressive approach. Should you be interested in showcasing your birds through the BSSA Auctions, we encourage you to reach out to Ken Harris for further details. You can contact him at Phone: 0456 160 553 or Email: [email protected].

Freight Companies

For those using a freight company to transport birds interstate for BSSA Auction 34, our recommendations are below. It’s important to note that these companies operate independently from BSSA, and there is no official affiliation in place:

  1. Aussie Pet Connections, Carmel Cricelli – Contact: 0400 966 738
  2. ROAD RUNNER PET TRANSPORT, Rob McLean – Contact: 0459 160 505
  3. Ian Liddle – Contact: 08 8354 0499
  4. Susie’s Animal Ark Transport – Contact: 0473 350 433
  5. Ballarat Pet Transport – Contact: 0477 133 141
  6. Carol Liddle – Contact: 0412 472 282
  7. Pet Birds & Parrots Freight, Mick & Ann – Contact: 0419 349 441

In addition, if you require travel boxes, they are readily available through BSSA. Feel free to get in touch with Ken Harris at 0456 160 553 for more information.


Link to BSSA Auction 34

BSSA Auction 34