BSSA Auction 35

BSSA Auction 35

The BSSA Auction 35 returns with its 35th edition of 2023, following a well-deserved week’s break. Currently, this auction features a complete range of birds, offering 20 unique varieties. These include Albino, Golden Face, Greywing, Fallow, Cinnamon, Dominant Pied, Clearwing, Lutino, Spangle, and Spangle AOSV, among others. Vendors participating in this event are Michael Sloper, the Holmes family, Tony Vandenbrink, and Marie & Kerry Murphy. The auction will conclude on Sunday, November 19th, 2023.

BSSA Auction 35

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Concerning BSSA Auction 35

At BSSA, both members and guests have the exciting opportunity to purchase birds. We always strive to provide accurate bird descriptions, sourced directly from the sellers in good faith. However, please note that BSSA Inc. is not responsible for any errors in these descriptions. Direct any discrepancies to the seller.

As part of our auction process, please remember that all bids remain confidential. To that end, only your unique bidder number will be displayed. Additionally, consider the bird’s location before placing a bid, as customers are responsible for covering the freight costs.

We encourage you to register your phone number with us. This way, we can promptly notify you in case your bid is successful. At BSSA, we take pride in being a non-profit organization. Moreover, all revenues generated are dedicated to enhancing our club and promoting the hobby of budgerigar keeping.

About The BSSA Inc.

Founded on May 20, 1948, the Budgerigar Society of South Australia holds the distinction of being the first budgerigar society in South Australia and a founding member of the Australian National Budgerigar Council (ANBC). We are a vibrant and forward-looking club, committed to nurturing the hobby and supporting our members in every way possible.