BSSA Auction 38

Regarding BSSA Auction 38

BSSA Auction 38 for 2023 is live! Featuring birds from Jack Brink, Deane Grantham, Ken & Janet Harris, Vic Kokoski, and Kerry & Marie Murphy. There is also a copy of the highly sought after Rob Marshall Budgerigar book on offer. Additionally, varieties include Dominant Pieds, Lutinos, Normals, Spangles, and Spangle Double Factors.

Currently, by way of sale, the BSSA are offering these budgerigars and books to BSSA members and guests. All bird descriptions are provided by the vendor in good faith.

Furthermore, in case of any concerns regarding inaccuracies, please direct them to the merchant; BSSA Inc. is not liable for such errors.

Please note the importance of treating bids as anonymous. To this end, we display only your bidder number.

Additionally, please be mindful of the bird’s location, as the buyer is responsible for all freight costs.

Registering your phone number will facilitate communication if you emerge as the successful bidder.

Furthermore, the BSSA, a non-profit organisation, actively uses all donations to further the club and the hobby’s objectives.

BSSA Auction 38

Link to BSSA Auction 38


Concerning the Budgerigar Society of Australia, Inc.

As the inaugural budgerigar society in South Australia, it holds the esteemed status of being a founding member of the Australian National Budgerigar Council. Our club’s mission is to advance the cause of the hobby and its members in an innovative and contemporary fashion.