BSSA Auction 7 2024

The Budgerigar Society of South Australia (BSSA) proudly announces its 7th auction for 2024, an online event for bird enthusiasts and breeders alike. The BSSA Auction 7 for 2024 is currently underway, showcasing an exclusive selection of 19 exquisite budgerigars. This auction features a vibrant array of budgerigars from esteemed vendors such as Jack Brink, Jane Kelb, Marie & Kerry Murphy, and Chris Jones, each offering their unique and high-quality birds to the highest bidder.

A Kaleidoscope of Varieties

Participants in the BSSA Auction 7 for 2024 are presented with an opportunity to bid on an array of budgerigar varieties. Thus, making this event a treasure trove for enthusiasts seeking diversity and quality. The auction boasts an impressive selection, including:

To that end, these varieties are sure to captivate and add value to any flock or breeding program.

Integrity and Trust: The BSSA Promise

The BSSA Auction 7 is rooted in the values of integrity and transparency. All bird descriptions are provided in good faith by the sellers, ensuring that participants have accurate information to base their bids on. While the BSSA Inc. facilitates this event, it reminds bidders that any discrepancies or inaccuracies in bird descriptions are to be addressed directly with the seller. This commitment to honesty ensures a fair and trustworthy environment for all involved.

Bidding Made Easy

Understanding the importance of privacy and convenience, the BSSA has implemented an anonymous bidding system for Auction 7. Only your bidder number will be displayed, ensuring your privacy while participating. Additionally, the auction organizers have made it a point to ease the contact process for successful bidders by requesting the registration of phone numbers.

Beyond the Bid: Supporting Our Feathered Friends

What sets the BSSA Auction 7 apart is not just the quality of birds on offer but also the care and consideration for the logistical aspects of acquiring your new feathered friend. Most vendors have graciously offered to transport the birds to the airport at no cost to the buyer. Furthermore, arrangements can be made to combine shipments with other vendors, significantly reducing freight costs for the purchaser. This level of support showcases the community spirit that the BSSA and its members are known for.

About the BSSA Incorporated

The BSSA stands as a beacon for budgerigar enthusiasts in South Australia and beyond. Founded on May 20th, 1948, it has the distinction of being the first budgerigar society in the state. To that end, it is a foundation member of the Australian National Budgerigar Council (ANBC). Operating as a not-for-profit organization, the BSSA dedicates all proceeds from events like Auction 7 towards the promotion of the club and the budgerigar hobby at large. With a modern and progressive approach, the BSSA continues to serve its members and the community from its base at 18 Arthur Street, Unley, SA 5061.

A Call to Action for Budgie Lovers

Whether you’re a seasoned breeder or a newcomer to the world of budgerigars, the BSSA Auction 7, 2024, offers an unparalleled opportunity to enhance your flock with some of the finest birds available. Firstly, by participating, you stand a chance to own a beautiful budgerigar. Secondly, you also support the commendable efforts of the BSSA in promoting this beloved hobby. Finally, mark your calendars and make sure you are part of this exceptional event.

For more information, updates, and how to participate in BSSA Auction 7, 2024, visit BSSA’s official website. Let’s continue to support and grow the vibrant budgerigar community together!

Link to BSSA Auction 7 for 2024

BSSA Auction 7 2024

BSSA Auction 7 2024