BSSA Pet Auction 3

Welcome to BSSA Pet Bird Auction 3 for 2024. This auction exclusively features birds from Ehsan Butt, a breeder who resides in Noble Park, Melbourne, Victoria. To that end, Ehsan has been breeding birds for the past decade, specializing in budgies for the last six years. His venture into crest budgies began in 2019 during the COVID-19 pandemic, sparked by the discovery of two tufted males at a local bird shop.

Currently, Ehsan focuses on breeding crested and frill backs with English line budgies. His birds are meticulously cared for with a diet rich in high protein, soft food, fresh vegetables, and Vetafarm supplements. To that end, Ehsan ensures they are free from mites, French moult, and other diseases.

Ehsan typically offers young birds from three months onward in his auctions, believing that young birds provide the best start. His collection comprises over 80 birds, showcasing a diverse array of mutations in Crested, Tufted, Frillbacks, and Crest bred varieties.

For those interested in learning more about the birds available in his auctions or any other avian queries, Ehsan can be contacted via phone at 0414361117 or through his Facebook page, Crested Budgies Australia.

Link to BSSA Pet Bird Auction 3

BSSA Pet Bird Auction 3

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