BSSA Pet Bird Auction 2

Welcome to the BSSA Pet Bird Auction 2!

Welcome to our auction! These birds are for sale by a pet breeder, Simon Dale, in Springvale, Melbourne. To that end, Simon contacted the BSSA and expressed interest in participating in our online auctions.

First and foremost, the majority of these birds come from bloodlines established by Christine Sabateen in South Australia. Christine was a highly popular breeder for many years, specializing in Frillbacks, Texas Clearbodies, Dilutes, and some of the best crests ever seen.

As you browse the auction, you’ll notice that almost all the birds are crest bred, with many featuring tufts, crests, and/or frillbacks. Additionally, most of these birds are unrung. However, the vendor possesses excellent knowledge of their hatched years and breeding performance.

Furthermore, the BSSA would love to see more pet and coloured bird hobbyists get involved with our clubs throughout Australia. We believe that participation can significantly enhance the hobby. Most of our guest speakers at club meetings share fantastic and practical knowledge, beneficial to all hobbyists, whether they are exhibition breeders or pet breeders.

Join us in celebrating these beautiful birds and consider becoming a part of our vibrant community!

About BSSA Pet Bird Auction 2

All descriptions of birds are provided in good faith by the seller. However, BSSA Inc. does not assume responsibility for any inaccuracies, and these must be addressed directly with the seller. Additionally, please note that bids remain anonymous, with only your bidder number displayed.

Furthermore, be aware of the bird’s location, as the freight cost is the purchaser’s responsibility. To streamline the contact process if you are a successful bidder, please register your phone number.

Moreover, the BSSA is a non-profit organization, and all proceeds go towards promoting the club and the hobby. Your support helps us continue to foster a vibrant and knowledgeable community of bird enthusiasts.

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