Welcome to the Budgie Fest 2023!

Mark your calendar for BCSA Budgie Fest 2023 on October 28th! 🎉 Not only are we showcasing the exciting NEBS vs BSSA Unbroken Cap Shield, but there’s something for everyone. For the kiddos? Face painting, magic shows, coloring competitions, and fascinating displays. And for the grown-ups? Unwind to some live acoustic music, indulge in exquisite wine tasting from Hentley Farm Wines, and savor delicious wood-fired pizzas from Cucina Cufone. And here’s the highlight: Think you have Adelaide’s finest pet budgie? Bring them along and let us know why! Plus, enjoy displays of top-notch exhibition budgerigars. It’s all happening at the Campbelltown Function Centre, and guess what? Entry’s on us! Hurry though, entries for the best pet bird competition close October 20th. See you and your feathery friends there.🐦🎶🍷

Pet Prizes On Offer

🌟 Chirp-Champion: Awarded to the budgie with the most unique or entertaining chirp, song, talk or vocal imitation!

🌈 Most Dazzling Feathers: For the budgie with the most beautiful or unique feather colors and patterns.

💤 Deepest Sleeper Award: For the budgie that ignores the fact that he’s at a show, and is not phased at all the attention he’s getting today, and simply won’t get involved.

🤝 Friendly Feather Award: Given to the most sociable and friendly budgie towards other birds and/or humans.

🎬 Scene Stealer Award: For the budgie that always wants to be the center of attention and steals the spotlight.

💏 Sweetheart Pair Award: Given to the two budgies that are inseparable and have a special bond.

🎓 Whose A Clever Bird Award: For the budgie that has the most tricks or displays intelligent behavior.

🐦 Tweet-heart Award: For the Best Children’s Pet Budgie, as explained by their owner (Open to 12 and under)


Budgie Fest 2023