UBC Shield Schedule 2023

UBC Shield (NEBS Vs BSSA UBC Challenge)

Please see below a link to the UBC Shield Schedule for 2023. Note that we’ve included a different style of entry form for ease of getting it into the show program. We have two styles of entry forms – the 2023 new form we would encourage everyone to use. It has a drop down box for every class, to avoid you entering birds into a wrong class. If it bamboozles members, use the old traditional form. We can accept either.

Birds vying for the Best Pet Budgie award can also be entered through these forms. However, we actively encourage members of the public to utilize our online form, which is accessible and convenient. Moreover, this platform allows participants to add a 100-word description, providing the opportunity to detail why they believe their pet bird stands out as the best in Adelaide. Subsequently, these details will be prominently displayed in front of each respective cage during the event, serving as a testament to the unique qualities of each participating bird. The online form for entries is readily available at https://bcsa.com.au/budgiefest2023/. Therefore, if you are a bird enthusiast with a beloved pet bird at home, we strongly encourage you to bring it along to participate, in addition to any exhibition birds you might have.

Looking forward to what promises to be an excellent day.

Details for the 2023 UBC Shield

New Style 2023 Entry Form

2023 UBC Entries Old Form

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