Carnick Budgerigars Auction 2

What’s New with Carnick Budgerigars?

Carnick Budgerigars is lowering the number of budgerigars due to health concerns. But don’t worry, bird lovers! Nick and Carmel are not giving up this fun hobby. The collection is being shrunk down to a size that is easier to handle. They’re doing this as Carnick Budgerigars Auction 2.

Carnick Budgerigars Auction 2

Watch out for planned events put on by Carnick Budgerigars. At these events, you’ll be able to bid on a wide range of birds. There’s something for everyone, whether they’re new to budgerigars or have been keeping them for a long time.

Unique Video Content

Visit Carnick Budgerigars Auction 2 Facebook page and other groups that are connected to get a better look at each bird. Videos are a great way to show off the personalities of some cute budgies that are shy around cameras. Check out these videos: Budgerigars Fan Page on Facebook

Information About the Event and How to Pay

The birds in the sale belong to Carmel and Nick, so please ask any questions to the team at Carnick Budgerigars. Think about it before you bid. Be sure you want to bid on the bird, because changing your mind after the bid affects other people. Anyone who wins a sale has to pay within 48 hours of the end of the auction. People will get bank information and bills through email. Birds are stationed in St. Albans, Victoria, where you can pick them up.

To have a smooth experience and show respect for other bids, always know what’s going on and make responsible commitments.

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Carnick Budgerigars Auction 2