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Budgerigar Update from Carnick Budgerigars

Due to health considerations, Carnick Budgerigars is reducing its budgerigar collection. But fear not, bird enthusiasts! Carmel and Nick are not stepping away from this beloved hobby. Instead, the collection is being streamlined to a more manageable size.

Upcoming Budgerigar Events

Watch out for Carnick Budgerigars’ upcoming events, where a variety of birds will be available for bidding. Whether new to the budgerigar community or a seasoned hobbyist, there’s something for everyone.

Exclusive Video Features

For a closer look at each bird, head over to their Facebook page and other affiliated groups. Some of the charming budgies are camera-shy, so videos are a perfect way to showcase their personality. Explore the videos here: Carnick Budgerigars Facebook Group

Event and Payment Details

  • Birds in the auction are owned by Carmel and Nick, so please direct all questions to the Carnick Budgerigars team.
  • Think twice before bidding. Ensure commitment to the bird being bid on, as reconsidering post-bid affects other participants.
  • Successful bidders must complete their payment within 48 hours of the auction’s conclusion. Bank details and invoices will be communicated through email.
  • Pickup Location: Birds are stationed in St Albans, Victoria.

For a seamless experience and to respect fellow bidders, always stay informed and commit responsibly.

For A Link to the Auction, Click Here

Carnick Budgerigars