Chatter Magazine Autumn 2024

Welcome to the Autumn edition of Chatter, your quarterly publication from The Budgerigar Council of South Australia. This edition of Chatter Magazine is released in May 2024.

In this issue, we’re thrilled to present a diverse array of engaging topics. We begin by taking a look at George England’s set up, and where his journey in budgies began. Then, John Mulley helps us explore the intricate world of genetics, focusing on flecking, and understanding its transmission.

Turning our gaze overseas, we feature an enlightening article from the Marcel Buhler. To this end, Marcel details his visit to the Molkentin Stud in South Africa. Marcel gives us his takeaway from the visit.

Diving into our Pet Corner, we provide valuable insights into feeding your budgie, covering essential considerations such as what not to feed these delightful creatures. Additionally, Nigel Tonkin shares invaluable wisdom on navigating the judging assignment at Launceston, while John Mulley deep dives into show preparation in our Novice corner.

Lastly, we journey through the Clubs to provide you with updates and provide a sneak peek into the exciting prospects for 2024, including a big announcement about Budgie Fest.

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Wishing you all a successful and enjoyable breeding season!


Chatter Magazine May 2024

Chatter Magazine May 2024

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