Clyde Budgerigar Auction 2

Clyde Budgerigar Auction 2

The Clyde Budgerigar Club will be holding their second online auction of 2023, with birds featured from DAM Budgerigars, Rob Rodriguez, Gavin Rowe, and Ray and German.

About Our Auction

This auction will feature birds from Clyde members. Some auction birds will be birds donated by the breeders to the Clyde Budgerigar Society. For these select birds, all proceeds going directly to the club. Included will be photos of various views of the birds to give prospective buyers as much visual information about the birds as possible. The auction will go live at 7pm AEST on Monday June 12th and the auction will conclude at 7pm AEST on Sunday June 18th. Extended bidding (3 minutes) will be implemented for birds with bids received in the last 3 minutes of the auction, up to a maximum of 30 minutes.

A link to the auction site will be posted prior to commencement of the auction on the Clyde and various other Facebook pages. Check the Clyde Facebook page during the auction for videos of the various birds. Please register you phone number, as this will make contact with successful bidders easier.

Clyde Budgerigar Auction 2

About Clyde Budgerigar Society Inc

The Clyde Budgerigar club is made up of passionate budgerigar breeders who enjoy all aspects of budgerigars. Most of all we enjoy the comradeship of our fellow breeders. The club is located in Clyde, Victoria and meets monthly. We hope this auction will raise some funds to help the club carry out activities for its members. At the same time, we hope this will supply some quality budgerigars to discerning breeders across the country!

New members are always welcomed.

A link to the auction is provided below: Item List: Everything Else | 32auctions