Clyde Easter Auction

Currently underway and set to conclude on March 31st, the Clyde Easter Auction is actively showcasing a unique selection of birds from the members of the Clyde Budgerigar Society. Significantly, all budgies presented for auction are donations from the breeders, which guarantees that all proceeds will directly support the club. Furthermore, to enrich the bidding experience, the auction includes comprehensive photographic representations of the birds, providing multiple views to offer prospective buyers extensive visual information. This effort is designed to aid informed decision-making by presenting a detailed look at the birds’ condition, plumage, and overall appearance.

Additionally, the auction is set to kick off at 9 am AEST on Wednesday, March 27th, and is scheduled to conclude at 8 pm AEST on Monday, March 31st. To ensure fairness and maintain excitement, the auction features an extended bidding system. Specifically, if a bid is received within the final three minutes of the auction, the bidding time for that bird extends by three minutes. This extension can occur repeatedly, up to a maximum of 30 minutes, thereby giving all interested parties an equal opportunity to acquire their desired birds. Moreover, prospective participants will be able to access the auction through a link that will be shared on the Clyde Budgerigar Society’s Facebook page and various other related pages before the auction begins. Furthermore, the Clyde Facebook page will showcase videos of the birds throughout the auction period, offering a dynamic perspective of their behavior and attributes.

Further Information on the Clyde Easter Auction

Bidders are urged to register their phone numbers to facilitate smoother communication, particularly for notifying successful bidders after the auction. Situated in Clyde, Victoria, the Clyde Budgerigar Society Inc is a thriving community of budgerigar enthusiasts who are passionate about breeding, showing, and simply appreciating these delightful birds. The club is known for fostering camaraderie among its members, who convene monthly to exchange knowledge, experiences, and their collective enthusiasm for budgerigars. Through initiatives like this auction, the society aspires to generate funds to support its various activities, thereby benefiting its members and improving the quality of budgerigars available to breeders across the country. The society extends a warm welcome to new members, inviting anyone with an interest in budgerigars to join their community.

Link to Clyde Easter Auction

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