Dam Budgerigars June 2024

Announcement of DAM Budgerigars Auction

In anticipation of moving house in early 2025, Dam Budgerigars is reducing their numbers, including some birds that would otherwise be kept. Therefore, they decide to run one larger DAM Budgerigars auction rather than several small ones to make it easier for buyers to organise freight, etc.

Dam Budgerigars Auction Details

Birds included in the auction comprise older proven birds as well as some bred in late 2023 and early 2024. Additionally, some hens bred in 2021, which are used for the first time in 2023, are available. Notably, there are particularly strong Spangles as they are starting to dominate the aviary. Furthermore, a number of young White Caps and Blues from a prolific pair of White Caps are also up for auction. While the best ones are retained, some have to go.

Due to the challenge of getting all birds in top condition simultaneously, some birds are still missing feathers, and some younger ones are in their ratty stage and not fully developed. Despite this, Dam Budgerigars hopes buyers can see the potential in these birds given a little extra time. Notes have been added to descriptions of individual birds where necessary to outline their condition to the best of their knowledge. For instance, a couple even drop tails while in the show cage being photographed!

About DAM Budgerigars:

Located in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Dam Budgerigars has been breeding exhibition budgerigars since 2014. Initially, the stud is based on Armstrong and Tonkin birds, with selective use of birds from other respected breeders such as Ces Gearing, Thurn, Gazzard, Rowe, Barnett, and Appleton to introduce and improve required features. Due to work and sporting commitments, showing the birds is always difficult. Nonetheless, great pride is taken in breeding and improving them.


Birds are located in Ferntree Gully, Melbourne, Victoria 3156.
Contact: Phone Number 0418345197

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