Eppelstun Portch

The Eppelstun Portch Auction currently showcases a unique collaboration between Richard & Michelle Eppelstun and Josh Portch. This event provides an exciting opportunity for fellow breeders to acquire birds that can significantly enhance their breeding programs. Importantly, this sale highlights birds that are surplus to the breeders’ current needs. Notably, these birds are in prime breeding condition and ready for relocation to continue their breeding journey elsewhere.

Moreover, Richard and Michelle Eppelstun have been committed members of the Sunshine Coast Budgerigar Association since 2008. To that end, they are categorised as Intermediate breeders, now poised to advance to Open status. Their journey in budgerigar breeding is characterised by a commitment to quality and excellence. Conversely, Josh Portch became a member of the Sunshine Coast Budgerigar Association in 2019. Josh recently ascended to the Intermediate level and is making significant strides in the budgerigar breeding community.

Additionally, the birds offered in this auction stand as a testament to the quality and diversity of the breeding programs managed by the Eppelstuns and Josh Portch. The selection, which includes Opaline Cinnamons, Opalines, Spangles, Dominant Pieds, and Yellowfaces among others, totals 20 birds. This provides a range of choices for breeders aiming to introduce new genetic lines or specific traits into their aviaries.

Furthermore, the auction is set to commence on March 28th. Thus, creating a window of opportunity for breeders to bid on and acquire these quality birds. It is slated to conclude on April 4th at 8 PM AEST. Note an extended bidding feature is in place to accommodate last-minute bids, ensuring a fair and competitive bidding process. This event not only offers a chance to obtain excellent breeding birds but also supports the ongoing efforts and contributions of the Eppelstuns and Josh Portch to the budgerigar breeding community.

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Eppelstun Portch Auction