Eric Whitton Auction 17

We are excited to invite you to participate in Eric Whitton’s Auction 17 2024. To that end, the event concludes on March 26th, 2024. Presently, this event showcases a diverse array of eighteen exhibition budgerigars, encompassing varieties such as Spangles, Normal Blues, Dominant Pied’s, Spangle Double Factors, Yellowface, Lutino’s, among others. Moreover, as we navigate through the 2024 breeding season, Eric finds himself managing an increasing number of thriving nests. Thus, necessitating the sale of several birds. Predominantly, these birds were rung towards the end of 2023, with the inclusion of three 2022 birds. Significantly, each bird available in the auction is noted for growing tails and wings, ensuring their quality and appeal.

For those interested in seeing these magnificent birds in person or wish to inquire further, Eric is located at 7 Mansfield Rd, Temora, NSW 2666. Alternatively, you can reach Eric at 0401364825. For those who cannot make it to Temora, NSW, we offer convenient collection options. Eric has also arranged for freight services, strongly recommending Carmel from Aussie Pet Connections for your transportation needs. To that end, Eric ensures a reliable and safe delivery of your new feathered friends.

Additional Notes on Eric Whitton Auction 17

In addition, it is with great pride we mention that Eric has recently clinched first place in the Grey class at the prestigious ANBC National titles held in Ballarat. This achievement underscores the quality and excellence of the birds bred and offered at his auctions.

Join us at Eric Whitton’s Auction 17 for an opportunity to acquire top-notch budgerigars from a nationally recognised breeder and to celebrate the art of aviculture with fellow enthusiasts.

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Eric Whitton Auction 17, Eric Whitton

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