Eric Whitton Budgerigars

Eric Whitton Budgerigars

Eric Whitton is currently enjoying a successful budgerigar breeding season and is now offering the last pairs of the year for sale. Consequently, a few adult birds are available through this auction. It’s important to note that all these birds have previously bred for Eric. Additionally, he has now replaced them on his breeding team with either superior or younger birds.

Moreover, some of the birds available in this auction are a couple of years old. Therefore, potential bidders should take this into consideration while participating. Eric believes these birds still hold value as they can produce some worthwhile offspring, as they have done for him in the past.

Presently, Eric operates from 7 Mansfield Rd, Temora, NSW 2666. Those interested in acquiring the birds should bear this location in mind, especially when arranging for the freight of the birds. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Eric Whitton at the phone number 0401364825.

Currently, Eric proudly represents the Budgerigar Society of New South Wales (BSNSW) at shows. Impressively, he clinched victory in the Normal Grey class at the National titles this year. So, with this level of expertise and commitment, bidders can confidently invest in his birds.

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Eric Whitton  Budgerigars