Eric Whitton Online Budgerigar Auction

Eric Whitton Online Budgerigar Auction

The Eric Whitton Online Budgerigar Auction is live! Eric prepared his birds for the upcoming breeding season, and is rehoming some of the excess. No more budgies will be released until the end of the breeding season, so if you have any other questions, concerns, or want to see more videos of the birds, feel free to send Eric a message (contact details are provided below). Within the next several days, Eric be updating each lot with videos and a snapshot featuring a tape measure.  Eric appreciates you bidding on these budgerigars and wish you the best of luck in the auction. He has  finalised his spring breeding roster, and all of the birds that are being released are either first-time parents or birds that he has successfully bred with in 2023.

Please, do not bid if you do not have the funds to cover the cost of the bird and shipping.

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Eric Whitton Online Auction


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