Geelong 2024

The Geelong Budgerigar Auction catalogue for 2024 is currently available, featuring an impressive lineup of 196 exhibition budgerigars. This eagerly awaited event is scheduled to take place on Sunday, April 28th, at the historic Geelong Showgrounds, specifically in the Hall of Agriculture, which provides an ideal venue for such a gathering.

Enthusiasts will discover a diverse array of quality budgerigars on offer, covering multiple varieties to suit all preferences and breeding programs. Moreover, the schedule for the day is meticulously planned: birds are to be benched by 9 AM sharp, with a viewing window between 9 AM and 10 AM. This arrangement offers an excellent opportunity for potential buyers to closely inspect the birds and make well-informed decisions.

Furthermore, the auction will commence at 10 AM, led by the renowned auctioneer Peter Thurn, whose expertise ensures an efficiently run and exciting event. Buyers should note that a 2% BCV (Budgerigar Council Victoria) Buyer’s premium will be applied to purchases, representing a minor cost for the quality on offer. Additionally, for sellers, a 10% commission is payable to the Geelong club, helping to ensure that the event remains sustainable and continues to support the local budgerigar community.

In terms of payment options, both cash and card payments are accepted, catering to the convenience of all attendees. For those requiring bird transport, Geelong Auction recommends Aussie Pet Connections, a trusted provider known for their reliable and safe pet transport services.

Should you have any questions or require further information about the event, please do not hesitate to contact Terry at 0400966738. Whether you are aiming to expand your collection, sell some of your finest specimens, or simply immerse yourself in the vibrant community atmosphere, the Geelong Budgerigar Auction 2024 is an event that you should not miss.

Link to Updated Geelong Catalogue

Geelong Budgerigar Auction 2024

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