Glenn Sinclair 2

The Glenn Sinclair’s Auction 2 for 2024 is currently underway, presenting a selection of surplus birds. These are all maiden birds, meaning they have not yet been utilised for breeding purposes. Consequently, this sale offers an opportunity to acquire birds from the final batch before a meticulous selection process determines which ones will relocate to the new address.

Moreover, Glenn Sinclair re-entered the world of budgie breeding in 2017, following an eight-year hiatus. The birds on offer now trace their lineage back to the renowned bloodlines of Andrew McFarland, enhanced with strategic outcrosses to bolster their quality. These birds are not only of high pedigree but are also currently proving their worth in competitive settings.

Furthermore, 2023 has been a significant year for Glenn, marking his first time showcasing his birds since resuming his hobby. His birds have made an impressive showing at the ANBC national level, with three of them representing in New South Wales at the Ballarat Nationals. Notably, one bird achieved a Logie in the Lacewing class, while others secured the 9th and 12th positions in the Cinnamon and Lutino categories, respectively. In addition, at the 2023 Midstate annual show, Glenn’s birds have won multiple accolades, including champion, open young hen, and reserve open young cock, demonstrating the quality and potential of his aviary.

For those interested in the auction or seeking more information about the birds, Glenn Sinclair is reachable at 33 Bathurst Street, Condobolin, NSW 2877. Potential buyers or enthusiasts can contact him via phone at 0412780212. This auction represents a unique opportunity to acquire birds from a respected breeder with a rich history and a proven track record in the avian community.

Link to Glenn Sinclair Auction 2 for 2024

Glenn Sinclair 2, Glenn Sinclair Budgerigar Auction

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