Glenn Sinclair 2024 Auction

Glenn Sinclair 2024 Budgie Auction

Event Overview

Join us at the exclusive Glenn Sinclair 2024 Auction on the 32Auctions platform. Firstly, this event features a select range of surplus budgies direct from Glenn Sinclair’s esteemed breeding program. To that end, this auction presents a unique opportunity to acquire maiden budgies, all born in 2023. These budgerigars offer diversity and quality to your aviary. Don’t miss out on this limited-time event, concluding on March 3, 2024, at 7:30 PM AEDT.

Exclusive Budgie Varieties Available

Dive into our auction to find an impressive assortment of budgie varieties, including Lacewing, Lutino, Spangle, Cinnamon, Yellowface, and the rare Melanistic Spangle. Each bird is a prime example of its variety, showcasing the meticulous breeding and care they’ve received. Whether you’re a breeder, or enthusiast, these birds will elevate your flock.

About Glenn Sinclair’s Budgies

Glenn Sinclair’s budgie breeding journey recommenced in 2017, reviving his legacy with the renowned old bloodlines of Andrew McFarland, enhanced with strategic outcrosses to ensure vigor and diversity. Glenn’s 2023 showing marked a triumphant return to the competitive scene, with standout performances at the Ballarat Nationals and remarkable achievements at the 2023 Midstate Annual Show.

Achievements and Recognition

Glenn’s dedication to excellence was highlighted in 2023, with his birds earning prestigious accolades, including a Logie in the lacewing class. Additional achievements include top placements in various categories, showcasing the quality and competitive spirit of our budgies at both national and state levels.

Why Choose Our Budgies

By participating in the Glenn Sinclair 2024 Auction, you’re not just acquiring a budgie; you’re investing in a piece of Glenn’s stock. His birds are bred for health, show features, and temperament, making them ideal for both show and companionship.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity

Secure your chance to own a piece of aviary excellence. Explore the auction today!

Link to Glenn Sinclair 2024 Auction

Glenn Sinclair 2024 Budgie Auction