Glenn Sinclair 3

Welcome to Auction 3, hosted by Glenn Sinclair, which starts on April 8 and concludes on April 14. Currently, this auction signifies a pivotal moment in Glenn’s journey as he is getting ready for a relocation, thus necessitating a significant reduction in his collection. Consequently, Glenn offers 12 birds for sale, showcasing some of the finest specimens he has ever bred. Given the impending move, Glenn remains uncertain about when he will next have the opportunity to breed, rendering this auction especially critical.

Moreover, Glenn Sinclair possesses a rich history with Budgerigars, having resumed breeding in 2017 after an eight-year hiatus. His aviary features a lineage enriched by prestigious old bloodlines, primarily influenced by the renowned breeder Andrew McFarland, along with strategic outcrosses to enhance genetic diversity. The year 2023 marked a triumphant return to competitive showing for Sinclair Budgies, with three birds qualifying for representation in New South Wales at the Ballarat Nationals, achieving notable success including a Logie award in the lacewing category. Additionally, at the 2023 Midstate annual show, Glenn’s birds secured multiple accolades, including champion, open, young hen, and reserve open young cock titles.

Glenn’s dedication to his Budgies becomes evident through his reluctance to part with these prized birds. Nonetheless, the necessity of the move compels the sale. This auction provides a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to acquire top-quality Budgerigars from a breeder with a proven track record of excellence.

For those interested in viewing the birds or participating in the auction, you can reach Glenn Sinclair at his address, 33 Bathurst Street, Condobolin, NSW 2877, or by phone at 0412780212. Indeed, this event is not just a sale but a chance to own a piece of Glenn Sinclair’s esteemed breeding legacy.

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