Hunter Budgie Auction 9

Welcome to Hunter Valley Budgie Auction 9, proudly presented by the Hunter Valley Budgerigar Society Inc. Currently, this auction, Hunter Budgerigar Auction 9, is showcasing an exquisite selection of budgerigars. To that end, it features Cobalts, Dominant Pieds, Opaline Cinnamons, Lacewings, Spangles, Normals, and Yellowfaces. Moreover, HVBS are thrilled to offer a special item for bird enthusiasts: a copy of Rob Marshall’s esteemed book, “The Budgerigar.” Esteemed vendors for this event include notable breeders Craig Barnett, Wally Capper, Trent, and Kelly Hill.

About Hunter Budgie Auction 9

Our auction now serves as a platform for Hunter Valley Budgerigar Society Inc Members and friends to sell their birds. Each bird description is provided by the seller with utmost honesty and detail. However, it’s crucial to understand that the HVBS acts merely as a facilitator for these sales. To that end, it is not accountable for any description inaccuracies. Therefore, these concerns should be directly addressed with the respective seller.

To maintain privacy and security in the bidding process, we ensure that all bids remain anonymous, displaying only your bidder number. Consequently, we urge prospective buyers to carefully consider the location of each bird, as the cost of freight falls upon the buyer. To improve the efficiency of the post-auction process, particularly for successful bidders, registering a contact phone number is highly recommended.

The Hunter Valley Budgerigar Society Inc is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the club and the hobby of budgerigar keeping. All proceeds from this auction are reinvested into initiatives that support and enhance our community and activities.

About Hunter Valley Budgerigar Society Inc.

The Hunter Valley Budgerigar Society Inc., an esteemed affiliate of the Budgerigar Society of New South Wales, represents a vibrant community of members of all ages, all united by their passion for breeding and exhibiting Australia’s beloved native bird, the “Budgerigar.” Our society is not just a club; it’s a fellowship of enthusiasts dedicated to every aspect of the budgerigar hobby.

We are actively committed to offering support, sharing knowledge, and promoting the joy of budgerigar care and exhibition. Whether you have queries, face challenges, or simply wish to engage in conversation about “Budgies,” our club provides a welcoming space for interaction, advice, and camaraderie. Join us for engaging discussions, a friendly chat, as we collectively foster and celebrate the enchanting world of budgerigars.

Finally, Hunter meets at Thomas Morgan Pavilion, Maitland Showground, Blomfield St. Maitland, NSW Australia 2320


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Hunter Budgie Auction 9