Hunter Valley 10

Welcome to Hunter Valley Auction 10, proudly presented by the Hunter Valley Budgerigar Society Inc. This year, we are thrilled to showcase birds from some of the region’s most esteemed breeders.

Dean Walsh, a renowned breeder, consistently produces quality birds that have won numerous grand championships and represented the ANBC at national levels multiple times. Similarly, Craig Barnett, fresh off an ANBC national victory in the opaline AOSV class, brings a distinguished lineup of birds that have garnered multiple national recognitions and grand championships. Glenn Schiller and Richard Bucior, both celebrated for their outstanding quality birds, have repeatedly represented at national levels and secured top honors. Brian Turner also joins this illustrious group, known for his exceptional birds with modern features.

In this auction, you’ll find 20 birds offered for sale by members and friends of the Hunter Valley Budgerigar Society Inc. Please note that all bird descriptions are provided in good faith by the sellers. However, any inaccuracies must be addressed directly with the sellers, as the Society is not responsible for these. Additionally, bids will remain anonymous; only your bidder number will be displayed.

Be mindful of the bird’s location since the freight cost falls to the purchaser. To facilitate communication, especially if you are a successful bidder, we kindly ask you to register your phone number.

As a not-for-profit organization, the Hunter Valley Budgerigar Society Inc is dedicated to promoting both the club and the hobby at large. All proceeds from this auction will support these efforts.

More About Hunter Valley Auction 10

The Hunter Valley Budgerigar Society Inc. is currently an affiliate of the Budgerigar Society of New South Wales. As a vibrant club with members of all ages, we passionately engage in the hobby of breeding and exhibiting our Aussie native bird, the “Budgerigar.”

Our society functions as a social hub for all things Budgerigar-related. Whether you have questions, face challenges, or simply want to discuss “Budgies,” we are here to support and promote the hobby in every way possible. So, why not join us for a friendly chat and a cup of tea? We warmly welcome anyone interested in learning more about these fascinating birds. To that end, we meet at the Thomas Morgan Pavilion, Maitland Showground, Blomfield St, Maitland, NSW Australia 2320

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