Ivan Mamic 2023

Ivan Mamic 2023

Currently, Ivan Mamic is an active member of the Western Suburbs Budgerigar Society. All birds featured in this auction are rung from the years 2022/2023 and are maidens. For any inquiries, you can promptly contact Ivan Mamic 2023 at 0417146582, or send a private message on Facebook.

Additionally, it’s important to note that all descriptions of birds are taken in good faith from the seller. The responsibility for freight costs rests with the purchaser, so please confirm freight costs with transport companies before making a purchase.

About Ivan Mamic 2023

All birds in this auction are listed by Ivan Mamic. If you have any uncertainties or further questions, feel free to reach out to Ivan for clarification.

Regarding the 2023 Auction hosted by Ivan Mamic (IM3), who is also a member of the BCV in Victoria;

  • Firstly, you can request more photos and videos by contacting Ivan through Facebook, where he is known as Ivan Albino-man
  • Secondly, Ivan Mamic (IM3) began breeding in 2006
  • To that end, he has risen to the level of champion before returning to the Open category due to not maintaining the required points.
  • Ivan has achieved 2 diplomas and 2 shield classes, along with having 2 Representatives at Nationals and 2 reserves for the Victorian State team.
  • Moreover, Ivan breeds a wide variety of birds, including Albinos, Lutino’s, and Clearbodies
  • Finally, the breeding background is mainly consisting of Gazzard, Fellows, Mellington, and Rowe strains.

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Ivan Mamic 2023