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Welcome to the James Matthews & Pam Hewitt Auction

Live now is the James Matthews & Pam Hewitt Budgerigar Auction.

James Matthews

Regarding James Matthews, throughout the last five show seasons, James has impressively won 20 Grand Champion awards with 9 different birds at BSNSW Branch and Associates shows. Remarkably, this includes 3 Grand Champions so far this year with 2 different birds. Furthermore, he has had numerous birds represent NSW at the Nationals, with his standout achievements being wins in 2017 with a Spangle Cinnamon Greygreen hen in the AOSV Spangle class and in 2019 with a Greywing Greygreen cock.

Over the past six Nationals, James’s birds have consistently performed well, with 21 birds representing NSW and 12 of those finishing in the top nine. Specifically, in 2023, 3 birds represent NSW at the National, with the highest placing being a 3rd in Spangle, and in 2022, 6 birds represent NSW, with the highest placing being 3rd in Greywing. James breeds a variety of birds, yet Spangles are notably the cornerstone of his aviary.

Pam Hewitt

Turning our attention to Pam Hewitt, Pam specializes in Goldenface and Darkwings. She has consistently won the Best of Variety competition in NSW for the last few years. Last year was particularly successful for the Goldenface, which explains why she is able to let so many go. It’s worth noting that she typically does not keep any Goldenface that are Cinnamon and/or Opaline, so some of those are available in the auctions.

All birds across the 2 auctions are 2022 and 2023 rung, with the exception of one Clearwing hen that has been bred with, and this is noted in its comments. All other birds are maiden birds.

With Pam’s management, we experienced an unusual breeding season last year, resulting in a lot of 2023 rung birds that are just now going through their molt. We hope to have them sorted out ideally after the National.

Please feel free to ask questions, and I will endeavor to respond as promptly as possible.

Wishing everyone good luck and successful breeding.

About James Matthews & Pam Hewitt Auction

We are organizing 2 auctions, both of which will start on the same day and conclude an hour apart. This arrangement ensures that everyone has the opportunity to view all the birds available in both auctions before the first auction closes. To that end, this allows them to decide on their interest across the auctions.

James Matthews & Pam Hewitt opted for two auctions instead of one larger auction. Moreover, the feedback indicated that participants found it challenging to keep up with the birds they were interested in. Therefore, this approach seems to be the best way to conduct the auctions efficiently. All the while still providing participants the chance to acquire the birds they desire.

The auctions will feature 19 Blue (2023) and 14 Brown rung (2022) birds.

We’ve set the starting price low to let the bidding determine the price. Moreover, we are aiming to sell all birds to make room for this year’s first batch of youngsters.

Descriptions of James Matthews & Pam Hewitt Birds

I strive to avoid subjective descriptions such as big or small, as perceptions of these terms can vary significantly. Instead, I aim to provide 4 different photos for each lot to give you as comprehensive an understanding of the birds as possible. One photo will be a full cage shot in the show cage to aid with size estimation. To that end, it’s important to remember that the bird’s position in the cage can affect its apparent size. Additionally, some photos might be taken from above the bird to exaggerate the size of its head.

The photos were taken quickly without much fuss. James admits he is not the most patient photographer, especially when the birds don’t immediately perch for the photo.

Extended bidding will be activated. To that end, any bids placed in the last 3 minutes of the auction (and any subsequent 3-minute intervals) will extend the finish time by up to 30 minutes. This rule ensures fairness to all bidders and prevents last-minute sniping without allowing other bidders the opportunity to respond.


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James Matthews & Pam Hewitt