Keevers Hoskinson 2024

Dale Keevers and Tiani Hoskinson are renowned breeders who specialise in exhibition budgerigars. Their stud focus is on varieties including fallows, crested, normals, spangles, opalines, and cinnamons. Known in exhibition circles as DT1, they are currently organizing a silent 32Auction to manage their surplus stock efficiently.

The silent auction begins on April 21 and concludes on April 28. To that end, this event presents an excellent opportunity for fellow breeders to acquire high-quality birds from their bloodlines. Moreover, the birds are housed at 57 to 63 Couldery Court, Cedar Grove, QLD 4285. By arrangement, potential buyers may be able to view the diverse range available.

Additionally, the auction features a range of budgerigars. Crest bred, crested, white caps, split fallows, cobalts, violets, opalines, spangles, and yellowfaces are on offer Each bird is provided with a comprehensive description, including details about its lineage such as information about the parents, their ring numbers, and their bloodlines, offering transparency and assurance about the quality and heritage of each bird on offer.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact Dale directly at 0407 837 074 for more information about the auction, to schedule a viewing, or to discuss the birds in more detail. This auction represents a unique opportunity to acquire expertly bred budgerigars from acclaimed breeders, thereby enhancing any collection with their vibrant colours and desirable genetic traits.

Link to Keevers Hoskinson Auction 

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