Leigh Downey Sale

Dispersal Sale: Leigh Downey Stud Sale

This auction is proudly hosted by the United Budgerigar Society, serving a noble cause as we assist Leigh Downey, a revered member of our community, in transitioning away from this cherished hobby due to health concerns. Leigh’s illustrious journey in budgerigars, highlighted by his decade-long stewardship as the BCV president and recent tenure as the ANBC secretary/treasurer, has left an indelible mark on the hobby. His exceptional breeding skills have garnered him four national titles, underlining his significant contributions.

Proceeds from this auction will be instrumental in supporting the club’s future endeavors, including operational costs, educational events, and the anticipated Diploma and UBC shows, ensuring the club’s vibrant legacy continues.

We invite you to explore additional photos and videos of the birds available for auction on our Club’s Facebook page, offering a closer look at the specimens up for bid.

This exclusive auction is open to United club members and specially invited guests from other clubs, emphasizing the community spirit that drives our efforts. Rest assured, each bird has undergone thorough evaluation by our club’s Champion breeders, affirming their optimal health and quality.

In a pioneering move, this auction introduces estimated values for each bird, enhancing the bidding experience by providing valuable insights into their potential worth. United Budgerigar Society is committed to upholding the high standards evident in the success of our previous auctions, ensuring all participants can bid with confidence in the health and pedigree of our birds.

About United

The United Budgerigar Society, nestled in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, stands as one of the most triumphant entities on the show circuit. Currently, our club is among the 22 esteemed clubs in Victoria, deeply rooted in metropolitan Melbourne, with a significant portion of our members hailing from the North Eastern suburbs.

Presently, our club boasts a wealth of success on the show circuit, attributed to our inclusion of numerous Champion breeders and senior Judges within our ranks. This flourishing community came into existence through the merger of various clubs, including the Northcote-Heidelberg clubs, back in 1968.

In a continuous effort to diversify and strengthen our competitive edge, members are actively encouraged to breed not only the standard varieties but also at least one of the lesser-known or recessive varieties. This strategic approach ensures that the club can present a well-rounded team, showcasing birds across every variety for the inter-club state Shield competitions.

Moreover, our club places a strong emphasis on inclusivity and growth, especially for new and beginner members. We offer comprehensive support in acquiring birds, including those varieties that are more challenging to find. This initiative is immensely beneficial not only to the individual breeders but also to the club as a whole. Beyond the acquisition of birds, beginner members receive guidance on pairing their birds for breeding, mastering overall husbandry, and discerning which birds to cull for sale.

Beyond the competitive and animal husbandry facets of the hobby, the United Budgerigar Society is committed to fostering a vibrant social program. This aspect of our club cultivates friendship and camaraderie, reinforcing the notion that our club is not just about birds, but about building a supportive and engaging community.


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Leigh Downey Sale