Les Davies Dispersal

Notice of Les Davies Dispersal Sale

It is with profound sorrow that Western Suburbs announce the passing of Les Davies, a cherished Life Member of the Western Suburbs Budgerigar Society (WSBS). Les’s dedication to the WSBS was exemplary; he was a familiar and active presence at the meetings and numerous club events, including Auctions and Diploma Shows. His passion for budgerigars was evident, especially when he achieved OPEN status, a milestone that brought him immense joy. A highlight of his avian journey was when his Violet budgerigar secured the 2nd place at the Penrith Nationals in 2018, a moment that left an indelible mark on all who witnessed his reaction. At the age of 82, Les’s absence will be deeply felt within the community and the wider bird-keeping hobby.

In the wake of Les’s passing, his family has decided to organize a Dispersal Sale of some of his cherished budgies through two separate auctions. It is important to note that the pedigree details of Les’s birds are not available; therefore, Western Suburbs Budgerigar Society is unable to provide specific information regarding their blood lines.

Payment Instructions for the Auction

Proceeds from the auctions will be handled with transparency and care. Participants are requested to send their payments directly to the bank account of Wayne Cachia. Upon the completion of both auctions, the collected funds will then be transferred to Maureen Davies, Les’s wife, as a part of the family’s wishes.

We invite you to partake in this sale not only as an opportunity to acquire fine birds but also as a gesture of remembrance and tribute to Les Davies, a man whose love for budgerigars enriched our club and the lives of many.

A link to the Les Davies Dispersal Sale can be found here (Auction 2)

A link to the first auction can be found here (Auction 1)

Les Davies Dispersal Sale