Mal Lawn John Boss

John Boss & Mal Lawn Budgerigar Auction

Event Highlights:

Welcome to the highly anticipated auction hosted on behalf of renowned bird enthusiasts John Boss and Mal Lawn. This exclusive auction features 15 premium budgerigars, showcasing a diverse range of varieties such as dilutes, Normal Dark and Light Greens, Grey Greens, Spangles, and Spangle Double Factors. Our mission is to provide breeders across Australia with access to exceptional birds, offering a prime opportunity for Queensland breeders to market their surplus with ease.

Auction Details:

The auction is active now and will conclude on March 3rd at 7 PM AEST. To that end, any bid placed during the final 3 minutes extends the auction by an additional 3 minutes, up to a maximum extension of 30 minutes. This feature ensures that all interested parties have a fair chance to participate until the very end.

Payment and Invoicing Instructions:

Please note that John Boss and Mal Lawn will personally reach out to successful bidders regarding invoicing and payment processes. Moreover, they ask for your patience and ensure that all transactions will be handled efficiently and securely.

Location and Contact Information:

Address: Tiviot Rd, Carbrook, Queensland 4130
Phone Number: 0407323622

Why Participate in the John Boss and Mal Lawn Auction?

This auction is not just an event; it’s an opportunity to enrich your aviary with birds that are celebrated for their genetics and show potential. Whether you’re looking to expand your breeding stock or find that perfect new addition, our auction represents quality and diversity in the Australian budgerigar community.

Don’t Miss Out: Mark your calendars and join us in this exclusive event. With the auction drawing to a close soon, now is the time to explore the available budgerigars and place your bids. Experience the thrill of the auction and the joy of owning one of these exquisite birds.

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Mal Lawn John Boss