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Mark Williams Sale Ring Code: W14

Mark Williams re-entered the hobby of bird breeding in 2020, having previously bred in partnership with “Sloan Williams” during the 1990s and 2000s. Upon his return, Mark began as a Novice and quickly advanced to Open status in NSW within two breeding seasons. In this short time, he achieved several top 10 finishes in the NSW State Team Challenge. To that end, Mark secured wins in Dominant Pied (2021), Grey Green (2024), and Opaline (2024).

This year marked Mark’s debut in the Nationals, where his birds achieved commendable results, with a Normal Grey Green and an Opaline both placing fourth. Since 2022, Mark’s birds have been identifiable by his ring code, W14, with the prefix BSNSW indicating those bred in his aviary.

Mark has shifted his breeding focus towards dominant varieties, developing two families of birds since 2020, while also cultivating a new interest in a recessive variety. His primary breeding lines are derived from James Mathews of NSW, Smith and Fox of NSW, with additional birds from breeders such as Troy Holmes and the Murphys of SA.

Currently, Mark is selling birds purchased from other breeders, which have bred successfully over the past two seasons, along with his Inos, primarily based on Smith and Fox lines with some outcrosses to Holmes birds. These Inos have garnered several best of variety awards in Sydney and have consistently placed in the top 10 at various State Team Challenges.

Detailed bird descriptions are provided for each bird, including any known issues or maiden status.

About Aussie Pet Connections

Birds are made available by individual sellers. All information, including photos, is provided by the seller, and Aussie Pet Connections assumes no responsibility for discrepancies. Any issues should be resolved directly with the seller. For location inquiries, please contact Carmel at 0400 966 738.

Successful bidders will receive an email from 32auctions, followed by an email with bank details for payment. Bird payments will go directly to Mark, while freighting payments will be managed by Aussie Pet Connections.

Payment and Collection Details

  • Payment is due within 48 hours of auction completion for both birds and freighting.
  • Local collection for BSNSW members will be in the Southern Highlands.
  • Other collections from Mark will be arranged in Sydney at a mutually convenient time and location.
  • For interstate bidders, please consider freighting costs. Flights are available with Qantas or Virgin, and Carmel can provide pricing and availability details at 0400966738. All freighting will be coordinated by Aussie Pet Connections. To that end, Mark is transporting birds to the airport on Thursday, 04 July for interstate bidders.

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Mark Williams Sale