Matt Troy Auction 10

Matt Troy is based in Silverdale, Western Sydney. Now that the young bird selection for the Nationals is over, it is time to move on some young birds. Therefore, to make way for the 2024 season birds, he will be hosting two Matt Troy Auction 10’s.

Firstly, some background on Matt Troy’s stud: he is very competitive on the show bench, with birds representing NSW at the Nationals. For instance, Matt has won AOSV Spangle, placed 5th and 6th for Clearbody, 11th for Albino, and 12th for Fallow. The main varieties he breeds include Cinnamon, Opaline, Spangle, Clearbody, and Fallows. Furthermore, his primary foundation bloodline is based on James Matthews’ and Gary Gazzard’s lines.

These combined Matt Troy Auctions offer a total of 34 birds. The first event starts on June 16th and ends on June 23rd. Meanwhile, the second event is staggered by a day, finishing on June 24th.

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Matt Troy Budgie Auction, Matthew Troy Budgerigar Auction 10