Matthew Troy Auction 2024

About the Matthew Troy 2024 Auction

Currently, Matthew Troy is in the process of reorganising his aviary to accommodate the arrival of his 2024 youngsters. As part of this process, Matthew is offering some of his birds for Auction. To that end, they include some budgies that he acquired last year, as well as those he has successfully bred. Predominantly, the birds he is moving on are of medium to smaller size. Moreover, this presenting a unique opportunity for enthusiasts and breeders alike.

About Matthew Troy

Residing in Western Sydney, Matthew Troy is a distinguished figure in the NSW budgerigar community. His expertise and dedication have earned him 2 Grand Champion titles, alongside numerous Best of Variety and Best Young Bird in Show Awards. Demonstrating consistent excellence, Matthew has proudly represented New South Wales in the last three consecutive National competitions. His achievements in these prestigious events are noteworthy, including winning the AOSV Spangle class, and securing commendable positions such as 5th and 6th for his clearbodies, 11th for albino, and 12th for fallow.

Matthew’s primary focus lies in breeding various budgerigar varieties, including Cinnamon, Opaline, Spangle, Clearbody, and Fallows. The cornerstone of his breeding program is the esteemed bloodline originating from James Matthews’ birds, a testament to his commitment to quality and lineage.

For those interested in acquiring birds from Matthew’s well-regarded collection, the birds are located at 43 St Heliers Rd, Silverdale, NSW 2752. Matthew Troy is available for further inquiries and can be reached at the phone number 0422447752. This presents a rare opportunity to engage with a seasoned breeder and acquire birds from a line known for its quality and distinction.

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Matthew Troy 2024

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