Matthew Troy Budgie Auction

Matthew Troy Budgie Auction

Hi my name is Matt Troy I am based in Western Sydney, and I am the facilitator of the Matthew Troy Budgie Auction

I have won 2 Grand Champion and numerous Best of Variety and best young bird in Show Awards i have represented NSW at the last 3 consecutive Nationals in which I won AOSV Spangle , 5th,6th for my for clearbody, 11th albino, 12th fallow.

My main variety’s include Cinnamon,Opaline , Spangle ,Clearbody and Fallows. My main foundation bloodline is based around James Matthews birds.

Moving on a few birds mostly late 2022 rung, offspring from some of my best birds and lessor siblings of my keepers.

Starts 21 June 2023 08:00 PM AEST

Ends 28 June 2023 08:00 PM AEST

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Matthew Troy Budgie Auction