Michael McMahon Sell Out

Michael McMahon’s Complete Sell-Out Auction is currently underway. Moreover, the event is offering an extensive collection of 42 lots, including high-quality birds, breeding and show cages. Michael McMahon, having acquired birds from numerous esteemed breeders across Australia, has relished the opportunity to connect with many individuals in the community. However, due to health reasons , he has made the difficult decision to step away from budgerigar breeding.

Please be aware that many birds available in this auction have remained unused. Consequently, this is due to Michael’s health and personal circumstances. The MM15 Complete Sell-Out Auction represents a unique opportunity to acquire well-bred birds. Moreover, they are sourced from some of the hobby’s most respected figures. Despite their untapped potential, these birds hail from a lineage of excellence.

Breeders and Varieties on Offer in Michael McMahon Sell Out

Prominent breeders featured in this auction include Peter Thurn, Peter Tyack, Gavin Rowe, Smith & Fox, Ken & Janet Harris, Thompson & McVilly, Glenn Sinclair, Rob Rodriguez, Patrick Vella, and Michael McMahon himself. Available varieties span White Caps, Clearbodies, Lutino’s, Opalines, Dominant Pieds, and Cinnamons, catering to a wide range of preferences and breeding objectives.

We wish all bidders the best of luck. For those requiring shipping assistance, Michael is willing to coordinate with freight companies at a convenient location in Dandenong. All birds are situated in Dromana, Victoria, with the auction set to conclude at 8 PM AEDT on March 17th. For more information or to arrange a viewing, please contact Michael directly at his Dromana address: 23 Clarendon Street, Dromana, Victoria 3936, or call him at 0414666715. Seize this opportunity to participate in a significant moment in the budgerigar community.

Michael McMahon Budgerigar Sell Out

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