Rob McLean 2024

Welcome to the first Rob McLean auction for 2024. Having had a successful year of breeding and some recent purchases, Rob needs to reduce his numbers. To that end, Rob would not normally make birds of this quality available. Rob exhibits under the RM1 ring code, and is a Victorian budgerigar breeder. In fact, Rob is involved in budgerigars and birds in general for a very long time.

In this auction, birds are available from Rob’s address in Wantirna, a suburb of Melbourne. Rob can be reached at 0459 160 505 if you have any questions.

Finally, in this Rob McLean auction, a total of 12 lots are on offer. To that end, varieties include Clearbodies, Spangles, Pieds, and Yellowfaces.

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Rob McLean Budgerigar Auction 2024

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