Rowe & McMahon

Rowe & McMahon Dispersal Budgie Sale

Find the link here to the Rowe & McMahon dispersal auction. According to the Auction description, birds that Gavin & Michael have made available are excess to their needs. The listed hens are maiden or proven breeders. Cock birds are a mix of young unused birds as well as several older birds purchased as outcrosses. The Auction features Albinos, Crests. Normals, Pieds, Split Recessive, a Violet and Lutino. A full complement of 20 birds is on offer. Note when buying birds that Rowe & McMahon have stated that with respect to shipping, all birds are to picked up at buyers expense. They are  happy to meet Road Runner Transport at Little Jumbo. To arrange transport, contact details for Rod Runner are 0459160505. For any questions regarding the birds, use 0414666715.

Road Runner Rowe & McMahon Budgie Sale

Rowe & McMahon Budgie Sale

A link to the Auction is here. It is being hosted on the 32Auctions plaform, and ends on May 29, 2023 – 8:00pm AEST

Happy bidding!