Slater Whannell Auction 2

Brenton Wines is currently managing this Slater Whannell Auction 2 on behalf of Andrew Whannell and Heath Slater. To that end, Heath and Andrew exhibit as the HA1 partnership. Unfortunately, due to a need to reduce their numbers—though unlucky for them—this presents a potential stroke of good luck for prospective buyers. If you need more information about the birds, please contact Andrew directly at 0403069288. All birds available in this auction are property of the HA1 partnership. Furthermore, they are housed at 975 Neerim East Rd, Neerim East, Victoria 3831.

The birds on offer include Dominant Pieds, Split Greywings, Lacewings, Recessive Pied, Yellowfaces, and more. To that end, a total of 15 lots are available. For those interested in pickup, the location is in Trafalgar/Neerim, and we are also happy to coordinate with bird couriers at a mutually reasonable location. Please note, all transport arrangements, including interstate, must be organised and financed by the purchaser.

In a gesture to facilitate logistics, Slater Whannell Auction 2 are willing to transport purchased birds to Road Runner Transport in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne at no charge. To that end, the service fees charged by Road Runner will be the buyer’s responsibility. Moreover, for arrangements with Road Runner Pet Transporters, please contact Rob at 0459 160 505.

Payment for the auctioned birds is required within 48 hours upon auction completion, to be deposited into the following account: B Wines Account No. 100600802, BSB 704230. Please be aware that the birds will not be released until full payment is confirmed. The auction concludes on May 5th.

Link to Slater Whannell Auction 2 for 2024

Slater Whannell Auction 2