Slater Whannell Auction

Heath Slater and Andrew Whannell, collectively known as HA1, are currently in partnership and are featuring an online budgie auction through the 32 Auctions platform. To that end, this event kicks off on April 7th and concludes on April 13th. Presently, they are offering 12 budgerigars for auction. The selection includes a variety of quality rarer variety birds – Black Eyes, Texas Clearbodies, Greywings, and Clearwings. Additionally, unique finds like a Yellowface Violet and a Lutino are also part of the auction.

The birds are available for pick-up in Neerim, Victoria. However, the owners are also willing to coordinate with bird couriers to facilitate the transfer. Interested parties must complete their payments within 48 hours after the auction ends. For those seeking more details, Heath or Andrew can be contacted directly through Facebook or via the mobile number 0438911009. The specific pick-up address provided is 975 Neerim East Road, Neerim East, Vic 3831.

Link to Slater Whannell Budgie Auction

Slater Whannell Budgie Auction