Smith & Fox Budgerigar Auction 2 | Sell Out

Budgerigar Auction 2 – Justin Fox & Terry Smith (Smith & Fox) Sell Out

Welcome to the Smith & Fox Budgerigar Auction 2. Due to personal reasons, Justin and Terry have made the tough choice to sell all of their budgerigars, as they have opted to move on without birds. This complete sellout is a significant decision, and it includes passing on breeding boxes to a newcomer, as well as flight cages. The birds are located in Tamworth NSW 2340, where all the birds will be sold. It’s important to note that these are not cull birds, and the sale will be staged over several auctions. Smith & Fox will be using the 32Auctions platform to move on all of their birds for these Budgerigar Auctions. This Auction 2 includes several Lutinos, Spangles, Opalines, Cinnamons, Normal Grey Greens, Normal Greys, and a Normal Green. A total of 20 birds are offered.

A link to the auction can be found here

Smith & Fox Budgerigar Auction 2