Smith & Fox Budgerigar Auction 3 | Sell Out

Budgerigar Auction 3 Hosted by Justin Fox and Terry Smith (Smith & Fox)

The Smith & Fox Auction 3 begins now. Justin and Terry have taken the difficult decision to sell all of their budgerigars because they have decided to no longer keep birds. This full sellout also involves giving the newcomer access to the breeding boxes and the flight cages. All of the birds are in Tamworth, New South Wales 2340, and will be sold from there. These are not cull birds, and the sale will be split up into multiple events. For these Budgerigar Auctions, Smith & Fox will be using the 32Auctions platform to sell off all of their birds. In addition to the Lutinos, Cinnamons, Spangle Double Factors and Normal Light Greens, Auction 3 also features a very strong Yellow Faced Cock, Spangle, and Normal blue. There are a total of 16 birds available.

Here’s where you can find the auction link

Smith & Fox Budgerigar Auction 3