Smith & Fox Budgerigar Auction 4 | Sell Out

The Smith & Fox Budgerigar Auction 4 | All Lots Up For Grabs

The Smith & Fox Auction 4 is kicking off right now. Justin and Terry, due to their difficult decision to no longer keep birds, are selling their entire budgerigar collection. As part of this major sellout, the new comer will receive access to both the breeding boxes and flight cages. Tamworth, situated in New South Wales 2340, serves as the primary location for this sale. Smith & Fox stress that these birds aren’t culls by any measure. Moreover, the auction will unfold in several stages, this being Auction 4 of 4. Smith & Fox have chosen the 32Auctions platform to facilitate the sale of all their birds.

Auction 4 showcases a range including Cinnamons, Normal Grey Greens, Normal Greys, and Normal Light Greens. Notably, they have a Lutino hen, which stands out as their finest. Buyers have a selection of 14 unique birds to choose from. This online event marks the last digital auction for Smith & Fox. They plan to sell any remaining birds at a live auction after the 2024 Nationals.

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Smith & Fox Auction 4


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