Smith & Fox Auction 7

About Smith & Fox Auction 7

Welcome to the Smith & Fox Auction 7, where Justin and Terry are presenting a unique and final opportunity to acquire our exclusive collection of 2023 blue ringers. As announced in previous auctions, Justin and Terry are transitioning out of budgies. This Smith & Fox Auction 7 marks the end of their bird-related activities.

This event features a total of 59 lots of blue ringers, meticulously bred and cared for by Justin and Terry. These birds have recently competed for New England Club’s in the NSW state show, showcasing their quality and pedigree.

The auction is divided into phases, with the first 20 lots available for bidding from May 20th to May 27th. Each lot represents the culmination of Justin and Terry’s dedication to excellence in avian breeding and care. This is the final chance to purchase birds from Smith & Fox, making this event truly special.

Winning bidders can organise collection of their birds at 8 Bowdens Lane, Tamworth, New South Wales 2340. For more information or inquiries, please contact Justin directly at 0447 830 266. We look forward to you participating at the auction and thank you for your continued support of Smith & Fox.

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Smith & Fox Budgerigar Auction 7