Smith Fox Final Sellout

Welcome to the Smith & Fox Final Sale!

This is your last chance to acquire birds from the renowned Smith & Fox stud in the final sell out. Terry & Justin are offering 18 exceptional birds, including Lutinos, Cinnamons, Normals, and Opalines. Don’t miss out on this exclusive and limited opportunity!

Event Details:

Auction Start: Friday, June 7th
Auction End: Monday, June 10th
Location: Tamworth, NSW

This auction is a short and sharp event, providing a unique chance to access these outstanding birds as the Smith & Fox stud completes its final sellout.

Birds on Offer:

Lutino’s: Known for their striking yellow color and red eyes, these birds are a collector’s delight.
Cinnamons: Valued for their beautiful, warm brown tones.
Normals: Classic and versatile, these birds are a must-have for any enthusiast.
Opalines: Renowned for their unique and vibrant plumage patterns.

Act quickly to secure your bid and become part of the legacy of the Smith & Fox stud. This is the last opportunity to bring these exceptional birds into your collection.

For more information and bidding instructions, please contact Justin & Terry directly. We look forward to your participation in this historic event.

Don’t miss out – mark your calendars and prepare for an exciting Smith & Fox online sale!

Link to Smith & Fox Final Sellout

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