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The South Western NSW Budgerigar Society Inc. is excited to announce a special auction event, actively serving as a key fundraiser to support the operational expenses associated with our annual club show and other general costs. This event kicks off at 6pm NSW time on Wednesday, February 14th, marking an important occasion for our club and its dedicated members. Ends February 21st.

In preparation for this auction, Eric Whitton is meticulously reviewing each bird to be auctioned, ensuring all are complete with full wing and tail feathers. This level of attention to detail underscores their commitment to offering only the best quality birds to our prospective bidders. The birds available for auction are all generously donated by our club members. Moreover, with a unanimous agreement that 100% of the auction proceeds will go directly to the club! To that end, this financial support is crucial for covering the costs of our annual show and other expenses.

For this special event, we are excitedly presenting a total of 18 birds. Consequently, this showcases the generosity and community spirit of the Budgerigar community. Each bird will start at a price deemed reasonable by Eric, thus providing an equitable starting point for all bidders. Being a smaller, bush-based club, this auction stands as our primary fundraising initiative. Accordingly, we rely heavily on the support of our members and the wider community to ensure the success of this event. We warmly encourage everyone to participate and wish you all happy bidding.


About the South Western NSW BS

The South Western NSW Budgerigar Society Inc. is a community-oriented affiliate club of BSNSW, nestled in the heart of the NSW Riverina region. Our club meetings take place in the quaint, rural town of Junee, NSW, where members come together to share their passion for budgerigars. Despite our smaller size, our club bursts with enthusiasm and dedication to the hobby of budgerigar keeping. Through events like this auction, we aim to foster a sense of community and support among our members, while also contributing to the broader objectives of promoting budgerigar culture and knowledge within the region.


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South Western Auction