SQ Futures 2024 Mini Auction

SQ Futures Budgerigar Mini Auction 2024

The SQ Futures Mini Auction for 2024 is to be held on Sunday 17th March at the Strathpine Community Hall, Mecklem St Strathpine. Details available via Neale Love on 0421 471 781. This mini auction features 23 lots from breeders such as Joel Keune, Gary Murray, Alan Kent, Bevan Mouritz, Geoff Russell, NHG Budgerigars, Garry & Helen Hibberd, Lucas Hendry, Boal Family, Trevor Broadbent, Garry Edwards, Steve Kilduff, Keevers & Hoskinson, Brian Crosbie, Graham Barlow and Brian Walters. There is a wide range of varieties on offer, including Lutinos, Recessive Pieds, Crested, Spangles, and more. For a copy of the catalogue, follow the link below. The auction will commence after the judging of the show is complete. Note that there will also be a raffle drawn on the day. To that end, get in quick by contacting Neale Love.

SQ Futures Auction 2023, SQ Futures Mini Auction 2023

Link to SQ Futures Catalogue

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