Sunshine Coast Auction 6

Sunshine Coast Budgerigar Association Auction 6 Overview

Welcome to the Sunshine Coast Budgerigar Auction 6 for 2023. Currently, birds up for auction come directly from Sunshine Coast Members and other fanciers from across the country. Sellers provide bird descriptions. While Sunshine Coast endeavors to present accurate details, they do not assume responsibility for any discrepancies. Instead, any issues should be addressed directly with the respective seller. Potential bidders should note the bird’s location before placing a bid. To that end, the buyer shoulders both the freight and its associated costs. After the auction concludes, winning bidders will receive invoices, and payments are due within 48 hours. For shipping needs, we recommend Carmel and Nick from Aussie Pet Connections at 0400 966 738 or Mick & Ann from Animal Freight Australia at 0419 349 441. This auction features a total of 43 budgerigars.

Varieties on offer encompass Cinnamon, Clearbody, Crest, Dilute, Dominant Pied, Spangle Double Factor, Normal Grey, Normal Grey Green, Spangle, Opaline, and Yellowface.

You can Access the Sunshine Coast Auction 6 Directly Here

Sunshine Coast Auction 6

About the Sunshine Coast Budgerigar Association

The Sunshine Coast Budgerigar Association operates as a close-knit club in QLD, situated on the Sunshine Coast. Actively promoting the hobby, the club seeks to attract juniors and new enthusiasts while maintaining its dedication to breeding modern budgerigars.